3D Medical Animation of a dental implant

These screws biocompatible materials (titanium or zirconia) replace missing roots and support the artificial teeth that can be fixed.
Implants are placed surgically in the bone or nurse they remain under the gum for 3-6 months.
During this period, the bone cells colonize the implant so as to obtain a perfectly stable after healing: this is called osteo-integration.
After an appropriate healing period, the prosthetic phase can be considered (crown, bridge, fixed or removable dentures).
To put the dental implant, bone mass should be sufficient, so it needed to conduct radiological examinations: Radio panoramic scanning dental cone-beam.
When bone mass is insufficient, we may use techniques of bone augmentation: distraction, graft, sinus lift ...

 Advantages of a dental implant:

The implants prostheses offer an appearance, and are similar to the natural teeth.

No displacement of the prosthesis and no risk of loss.


An aspect and comfort identical to the natural teeth.


The chewing remains unchanged.


No painful irritation of the gums related to the prostheses.


Considerable deceleration of the loss of osseous mass.


The installation of implants is now a sure and tested procedure.


Saving natural healthy teeth: an alternative to bridges.


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