To preserve or restore a harmonious smile becomes a permanent concern in the daily exercise of the expert, at the point of being able to speak about aesthetic or cosmetic dentistry.

Cosmetic dentistry implies dental procedures used to improve l' esthetics of your smile and to create supposedly the " to smile d' Hollywood" or " the smile of Marriage". A beautiful smile can have many effects on the self-confidence d' an individual, his social life and his own love. L' recent increase in the media on the smile created a sensitizing of the public on aesthetic dentistry and his accessibility.

These are mainly technical tooth whitening, cosmetic prosthesis, orthodontic, gum surgery and dental jewelry poses.
The interest of the media in recent years for the makeover, plastic surgery and aesthetics of the smile has created a public awareness of cosmetic dentistry and its accessibility.


The dental Jewels (Twinkle) are the latest fashion in the dental private clinics everywhere in Europe and in the United States! The jewelry of tooth (clearly, blue sapphire, red ruby, crystals of glass) gives a new direction to l' expression " a smile brilliant". The jewelry is temporary, not-invading, painless and easy to remove.

 Procedure The crystal is stuck with an minor amount of adhesive and is placed without affecting the tooth and any pain or drilling. The jewel remains in 6 months place to 3 years and can be easily removed by the dentist.

 Dental advantages of jewels


New tendency


N' is not very expensive


No the pain or of intrusion


100% reversible


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