From a simple control to the most meticulous care, from an  urgency  treatment to the most complex oral rehabilitation, our main concern is to bring the best of ourselves to you, for your satisfaction.


Because your health is your most valuable good, we will do everything we can and possible to restore it and maintain it, while bringing back to you a luminous smile.



We practice a total odontology, centered on quality: once we know the reason for your consultation, we will take with your agreement, a series of radiographs, photographs and prints. We will then be able to give you a diagnostic and propose the necessary care for the restoration of your oral health, in order to restore an optimal and comfortable chewing, a pleasant smile and healthy gums.


Our cabinet exempts care specialized out of prosthesis, surgery, implants, aesthetic dentistry like in orthodontics and pedodontie.


Our team includes/understands:


Dr. Zehraoui: Omnipratique, occlusodontie, implants,

           prosthesis and dental esthetics


an exclusive orthodontist


An exclusive pedodontist


The team also includes/understands:


Assistants trained with maintenance and the sterilization of the material, the asepticizing and the disinfection of the workspaces, assistance of the doctors to the armchair during the dental care and surgical acts.


A hygienist to advise you and correct possibly your hygiene of life and your oral hygiene. It also deals with your periodic descalings.


A receptionist for your go, the administrative formalities and the payments


Our cabinet is made up of:


A room of sterilization equipped with all the material and apparatuses necessary to a disinfection without fault of the instrumentation and of 3 treatment rooms.


A room for the dental consultations, controls, whitening, poses dental jewelleries (noble metal brilliances and small jewels)


A room for implants and oral surgery.


A room of surgery for the installation of implants, the oral surgery and parodontale


A waiting room for our patients.

The clinic is 20 mn far from Casablanca international airport, in the new business district (Near-Shore, Space 4 times, Zenith, Technopole…) who counts a IBIS hotel within 500m, and an APPART-HOTEL a little further. The parking is easy at Metro, a large superstore, just opposite to the cabinet. The downtown is at approximately 15 mn away.


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Dental clinic in Casablanca of Dr. Kamal Zehraouidentist in Morocco specializing in implant and esthetic dentistry.

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